July 2018 - Cruiser Challenge XIX Race Results

Before getting started with race results, we'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the Gold Level financial contribution donated by Bob Eeg of Montgomery Boats! Thank you, Bob! We're also thankful for the hospitality offered by Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club. (MPYC)
Additionally, we are grateful for merchandise received from our other sponsors: Com-Pac Yachts, Good Old Boat, and Hyde Sails Direct.
(Please visit our sponsors page.)

Race Results
The race course used MPYC's marks G, C, and F to form a triangle with the committee boat at mark G for the start/finish line.
The first three finishers in each class received a trophy and the next four each got a medal of honor. Here are the full results.
(As per the published rules, there is no protest procedure. Race Committee decisions are final.)

Class A: Big Boats
Place     Skipper & crew                   Boat Name           Type               Race1      Race2
-----    -------------------------------  ------------------- -----------       ---------  ---------
 1st     Jens Kaemmerer &                 Krash               Santana 22        1st-37:48  2nd-38:15
             Lucas, Mengjie, Stephanie
 2nd     Sharon & David Soulé             Nighthawk           Balboa 21         2nd-42:34  1st-35:35

Class B: Medium Boats
Place     Skipper & crew                   Boat Name           Type               Race1      Race2
-----    -------------------------------  ------------------- --------------    ---------  ---------
 1st     Gary Oberbeck, Stan Susman       Tiny Purple Fishes  Montgomery 17     1st-36:16  1st-30:11
 2nd     Steven Hartman, Stefan Jaquet    Parson's Ghost      Sanderling 18     2nd-37:12  2nd-31:50
 3rd     Jerry Montgomery, Judy Liang     Goshawk             Sage 17           3rd-38:24  3rd-32:24
 4th     Ron Dietel                       She-said-no         Precision 16.5    4th-39:10  4th-34:43
 5th     Jon Barber                       Ol'44               Montgomery 17     5th-39:23  5th-35:28    
 6th     Bruce McDevitt, Butch Michel     Senior Center       WWPotter 19       6th-42:20  7th-40:23        
 7th     Guy Light                        Green Light         Montgomery 16     8th-45:26  6th-37:55
 8th     Randy Anderson, 'Goose' Gossman  Holder 17           Vagabond 17       7th-43:35  8th-41:00
 9th     Eric Zilbert                     Riptide             WWPotter 19       9th-47:26  9th-41:50
10th     Kevin Crowder, Alan Roberts      Aurora              ComPac 19        10th-48:57 11th-43:12
11th     Dana Suverkrop                   Shiksa              Montgomery 17    13th-51:17 10th-43:04
12th     Dick Herman                      Muddy Duck          ComPac 17 Suncat 12th-51:09 12th-43:47
13th     David White                      Wee Boat            WWPotter 19      17th-76:04 13th-47:42
14th     Dick Galland                     Catbird             Sanderling 18    11th-50:13    DNS
15th     Dan & Gretchen Ricker            Good & Plenty       ComPac 19        14th-55:53    DNS
16th     Pat Brennan                      Latis               ComPac Legacy    15th-56:10    DNS
17th     Mark Sabin & Cynthia Shallit     Half Fool           ComPac 17 Suncat 16th-56:36    DNS
Class C: Small Boats
Place     Skipper & crew                  Boat Name           Type               Race1      Race2
-----    ----------------------------    ------------------- --------------    ---------  ---------
 1st     George Corrigan, Alan Koepf     Upbeat              Montgomery 15     1st-52:58  1st-40:04
 2nd     John Chille                     At Last             Montgomery 15     2nd-53:29  3rd-44:38
 3rd     Don Person                      Sarah Anne          WWPotter 15       3rd-61:11  2nd-44:06
 4th     Mike Kennedy                    Small Axe           WWPotter 14       4th-64:20  4th-51:34
 5th     Larry Tkach                     Groovin' Too        Montgomery 15     6th-68:00  5th-52:21
 6th     Harry Gordon                    Manatee             WWPotter 14       5th-66:13    DNS

Special Awards
   Axle Grease (Longest Distance Driven) Trophy
     Gary Oberbeck drove from Phoenix, AZ - Approximately 700 miles

   Salty Dog (Longest Distance Sailed) Trophy
     Dick Galland cruised over from Santa Cruz - Approximately 22 nautical miles

And since we are the Potter Yachters, we had to award these traditional trophies:
   First West Wight Potter 14/15
     Don Person, Sarah Anne

   First West Wight Potter 18/19
     Bruce McDevitt, Senior Center


     Cruise to Cruiser Challenge Awards

     Six intrepid skippers heard the foreboding weather forecast and still deemed it safe enough to
     sail their boats from Moss Landing to Monterey on Friday.  They then raced on Saturday and made
     the sail back to Moss Landing on Sunday. They each earned a medal with inscription that reads:

                    Moss Landing to Monterey
                         Cruise to CC-XIX

     For going above and beyond expectations while sticking with the spirit of a "Cruiser's Challenge", these
     fine sailors each received a medal of honor:
    Bud Kerner, 'Goose' Gossman, Steven Hartman, Mike Kennedy, Jon Barber, and Eric Zilbert

     Race Committee
     We had the pleasure of using Mike Swartz's Cal 27 for Race Committee boat.  We sincerely appreciate his contribution!
     Additionally, each of the following members of the Race Committee were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.
    Mike Swartz, Dave Bacon, Bud Kerner, Carl Sundholm, Rob Sampson, and Phil Marcelis

     Parking is very limited in Monterey, and we pay the city to reserve well over half the available trailer parking.  This
     invariably causes harrowing confrontations with the fishermen who pay the city for yearly parking passes, which allows
     them to park there when no other events have reserved it (but they don't always remember that last part).
     For arriving two days early to ensure that Cruiser Challenge participants would actually get the parking for
     which they pre-paid, a Certificate of Appreciation was also awarded to:
    David and Sharon Soule

Thanks to everyone for making this a great event!


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