Cruiser Challenge 18 Race Results

Class A: Big Boats
Place     Skipper                    Boat Name           Type            Race1
-----    ---------------------      ------------------- --------------   -----
 1st     Sharon & David Soulé       Nighthawk           Balboa 21        43:00
 2nd     Jens Kaemmerer             Pala                Santana 22
 3rd     Jim Hunt                   Blue Moon           Santana 22    

Class B: Medium Boats
Place     Skipper                    Boat Name           Type            Race1
-----    ---------------------      ------------------- --------------   -----
 1st     Jerry Montgomery           Goshawk             Sage 17          45:00
 2nd     Rob Sampson                Vagabond            Vagabond 17      46:00
 3rd     Jon Barber                 44                  Monty 17         46:30
 4th     Bruce McDevitt             Senior Center       WWP 19
 5th     Phil Marcelis              Family Time         WWP 19
 6th     Eric Zilbert               Riptide             WWP 19
 7th     Ron Dietel                 She-Said-No         Precision 16.5
 8th     Gretchen & Dan Ricker      Good & Plenty       ComPac 19
 9th     Dana Suverkrop             Shiksa              Monty 17
10th     Jim 'Goose' Gossman        ReGale              WWP 19
11th     Pat Brennan                Latis               ComPac Legacy
12th     Marilyn & Bruce Mossman    Bonkers             ComPac 16   
Class C: Small Boats
Place     Skipper                    Boat Name           Type            Race1
-----    ---------------------      ------------------- --------------   -----
 1st     Mike Higgins               Jean Alden          14' catboat      54:30
 2nd     Rebecca & George Corrigan  Upbeat              Monty 15
 3rd     Harry Gordon               Manatee             WWP 14           tie
 3rd     Don Person                 Sarah Anne          WWP 15           tie
 4th     David Iler                 no name             Monty 15

Special Award
The Potter Yachter Senior Moment Award

Due to circumstances beyond human control, the announced race course was changed
to a shorter course as the downwind marker could not be found. However, two boats
did not get the word and sailed the original, and much longer, course (and did find
the downwind marker that had been cleverly moved). Without doubt, both boats were
the fastest on the course and would have swept the race had they sailed the shortened
course. As the skippers performed in an exemplary manner, displayed exceptional
sailing skills, and upheld Potter Yachter traditions, the race committee awarded The
Potter Yachter Senior Moment Award to:

                           CLASS B
      Goshawk (Sage 17), we can’t remember the skipper’s name

                           CLASS C
                     Sarah Anne (WWP-15), ditto

An Unofficial Award

Cruise to Cruiser Challenge Awards

Eight intrepid skippers, some with one or more crew, sailed their boats from Moss
Landing to Monterey on Friday, raced on Saturday, and braved the initial fog on
the windy sail back to Moss Landing on Sunday.  For going above and beyond expectations
while sticking with the spirit of a "Cruiser's Challenge", these fine sailors each received
a medal of honor (which they wore at every opportunity).  The inscription on the back reads:

                    Moss Landing to Monterey
                         Cruise to CC18


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