Race Formats and Awards

The racing fleet will be divided into three divisions:

Division A: Big Boats 20'0" to 250" LOA

Division B: Medium Boats 151 to 1911  LOA

Division C: Small Boats 15' 0" or less LOA

Note: The Regatta/Race Committee will assign your boat to a division on the basis of your boat's length overall, waterline length, displacement weight, sail area and/or Portsmouth Yardstick rating or PHRF number, and suitability for the division. This means a hotrod (i.e. like a Catalina Capri 16), which meets the above criteria but was also designed for racing and not a pure cruiser, can be placed in a higher division to keep the classes competitive. The Race Committee has the final decision.


The number of races (at least two - three, conditions permitting) for each Division will be determined by the Race Committee the day of the race. Each boat finishing a race will be awarded points equal to its placement. The total points awarded for all races will decide the overall rank of each finisher.  There will be a separate start for each Division.  Racing will be done in a pursuit format, with the slowest boats (Div. C) starting first. Five minutes between starts, with Vhf ch.68 used for Race Committee communication at scheduled or announced starting times.   NEW: The use of motors will be permitted until crossing starting line. This is a popular format in cruising rallies and assures all boats get across the line in close formation and before the next division. Of course, those under sail have right-of-way. Boats in later starts must keep 50 yards from starting line.

Trophies/Plaques will be awarded for the following finishers:

Division A Big Boats (Large Mini-Cruisers)
1st & 2nd place.

Division B Medium Boats (Small Mini-Cruisers)
1st through 3rd  place.

Division C Small Boats  (Pocket Cruisers)
1st through 3rd  place.